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Kaysee Ayar
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There has been some talk about using certain software apps to strip out instruments from mixes of songs to make guitar backing tracks, and I wanted to share one of my secret weapons for making BTs for songs I want to do. This site has tons of great songs, many of which might surprise you to see featured there. None are made from the original recordings (I get the impression that some instruments are MIDI and some were recorded by studio musicians), but most all sound pretty close to the originals. Once you locate a song that you want to use for a backing track, look for a gray oval icon next to the song listing that looks like mixing board sliders (see image below) and that will take you to a page where you can customize the instruments (turn on/off the different tracks or adjust the volume of each and the stereo balance, and in some cases, you can adjust the key and/or tempo). I was playing in a classic rock band for a while as a bass player and this site was so useful in helping me to make bass backing tracks for about 75% of our set list that I used to learn and then practice our songs outside of band practice. Each song costs $2.99, and once you purchase it, you can go back and remix as many new versions (as downloadable MP3s) as you want. In some cases, though it is time consuming, I downloaded each instrument as separate MP3s so I could load them in my recording software and work with each track there instead of in the website interface. It has been hugely helpful. You won't find super obscure songs here, buit I have often been surprised at some of the songs I have found there that are not overly common. Check it out!

Here is the "Customize track" icon you will be looking for.

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