Incredibly Humanlike Robot Gets Angry When Someone Boops Its Nose


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This tech is getting scary, notice how it looks at the camera after to see if what they did was wrong, almost like a child.

Engineered Arts recently posted the above video to its YouTube channel. The company notes in the video’s description that this is an interaction with Ameca in which somebody invades its “personal space” too much. Indeed, whoever is interacting with Ameca in the clip even goes so far as to boop its nose.

Unlike the Ameca video from last year, this one shows the robot reacting rather than just putting on a show. As the clip shows Ameca’s able to follow objects with its eyes. In this particular instance, a person’s fingertip flitting around like a butterfly. The person dances their fingertip around for a few seconds before closing it in on Ameca’s nose; compelling the robot to scrunch up its face as if irked. (The furrowed brow and pursed lips convey the bot’s emotion perfectly.)
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