Boom Aeronautics' "Overture" SST: United orders a passel


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I guess this is tech talk, of a sort. UAL has ordered a bunch of these things, with an eye toward deployment by the end of the decade.

Boom claims they will be net-carbon-zero, burning "sustainable fuel" more efficiently than the Concorde did, and instead of a generator, the cabin will rely on cold fusion.

OK, I made that last part up, because I am not only deeply skeptical of their claims (as much as I would really like to fly in one), but the timing just seems wrong. I suspect that this very much not going to happen.


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Boom claims they will be net-carbon-zero
You can make anything net carbon zero if you plant enough trees to compensate for that I guess. You can already add a small fee to your airplane fare that will go towards planting trees to offset your trip.

Like you, I'm very sceptical about their timeframes. It seems many aerospace startups were created to swindle investors who didn't have the engineering expertise to realise how hard and expensive it is to make airplanes safe for passengers at scale (one-off prototypes are fairly easy in comparison).

We’ll see.
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