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When I open Settings on my iPad, it shows me tie three networks that I am not connected to, one of which show a full-strength signal. This is a non-minor issue with WiFi: while I am not trafficking on those networks, still, I am using the same airspace, which means that I have to negotiate with those networks for bandwidth. If you look at your device and can see other networks, there is where part of your network speed is going to. Even one network, if it is in constant, heavy use, can slow you down by introducing endpoint stalls into your traffic. Go upstairs and see with whom you are competing for bandwidth – I would venture you may see different networks up there.


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With Sonic (in the SF Bay Area) I pay $61.63 per month (including $11.64 of various Fed/State/Local taxes) for 1 Gb/Sec fiber service.

At the output of my router it's around 940 Mb/sec. Over 5GHz WiFi, running the SpeedTest app on my M1 MBA laptop it's 578 Mb/sec down and 107 Mb/sec up. Router and APs are Ubiquiti/Unifi, and I wired my house with Belden CAT 6A (and CAT 7 to the fiber ONT in the garage).

Overall, and considering I've never experienced a loss of service with Sonic (unlike my previous Comcast Xfinity service which happened almost daily for 10 minute periods of time), I'm pleased
That is 40% cheaper than my internet server for the 1Gb service.
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