learning to deal with video from my bike camera.


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its been a learning curve for sure. first learning to make sure the camera is recording It has beep tell you its recording I had turned off I lost some good crazy driver shots because of that. once when the card did not get recorded on once when somehow my mac wiped out the card. the software that comes with it works OK to stitch the separate 15 minute files together though it can take 30 minutes or more just to get to the preview mode so you can actually have it do anything. some reason it does not always find the strava data no clue why. strava data is about 20 seconds off too. but the app does not let you cut the footage at all. I found a free app to do it but it would get stuck doing the full 4.5 gig file and if I did the file separately like the start and finish then the strava data cant be found.
so I downloaded I movie and man thats not user friendly. but I was able to edit the start and finish of the file pretty well this morning.
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