Lets name our Justice center after trump what could possibly go wrong?


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“I am a supporter of President Trump. I think he did good things for this country and for our state,” Henderson said. “I think we may want to honor him in some way or fashion, but I do think we need to have a policy in place first.”

The proclamation points to Trump’s immigration policies and his progress in filling federal judicial vacancies — including appointments of three Supreme Court justices, 54 appellate court judges and 174 District Court judges — as reasons for the renaming.

“The Lyon County Board of Commissioners recognizes that President Donald J. Trump ended asylum fraud, shut down human smuggling traffickers, and solved the humanitarian crisis across the Western Hemisphere,” the proclamation states.

However, the language stating that Trump “solved the humanitarian crisis across the Western Hemisphere” was struck from the proclamation, after some commissioners raised concerns with the phrasing. Jacobson called it “extremely far-fetched” to say that anyone has solved the humanitarian crisis.
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