Local (Mac) playback causes issues for streaming (Home Sharing) clients?


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So apparently if I play back local media (ie. in Music.app or TV.app), it'll cause delays (essentially playback is constantly interrupted, while it buffers more content) for my wife's iPad using home sharing.

This never used to be a problem, and while I accept that movies have increased in size - nothing we have is 4K (no 4K TV), and just today it happened while I was playing music on the Mac, and she tried to watch something on her iPad.

The media is only on spinning rust - but it's pretty new spinning rust, (2x 10TB Toshibas in a SW RAID1) in a TB3 case. The throughput of the disks/controller/etc should not be impacting this, at all.

Has anyone seen anything similar? (Yes, I'm aware that for many of you the idea of a local library is a thing of the past)


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It's like there's some resource contention issue on the sharing machine, for hoots, try a non-Apple based media player, like maybe VLC for some video, run that locally, while your wife is using home sharing, see if you get the same video stuttering/buffering issue.
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