More Nazis in Kentucky


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Remember the story of the messages from Hitler in a Kentucky police training PowerPoint? That story was broken by a high school newspaper. Those kids are really good at investigative journalism, because they found more Nazi propaganda in Kentucky police training materials. Or maybe they aren’t good at journalism; it might be super-easy to find Nazis in Kentucky.



Watching March roll out real winter
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Catskill Mountains
To think that before the days of McConnell and Trump, I thought of Kentucky as the home of mint juleps, The Kentucky Derby, and a pretty decent recipe for Sunday brunch as recalled by my dad from vacations spent at the home of his maternal grandmother somewhere up in the hills... No wonder old folks eventually retreat to their earlier memories if living in a country somehow got lost on its path to "continued greatness". Either that or else there was stuff nobody bothered to tell me about Kentucky when I was a kid. I now suspect the latter, and it's pretty clear those AmHist textbook content dictators in Texas were never gonna tell me about white supremacists in KY.
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