Study: Trump rallies so far have 'likely led to more than 700 deaths' from coronavirus


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Trump rallies have turned into super spreader events, a study that followed the crowds for around three months has confirmed it.

From BusinessInsider
President Donald Trump's campaign rallies "ultimately resulted in more than 30,000 incremental confirmed COVID-19 cases" and "likely led to more than 700 deaths," according to a newly released study by Stanford University economists.

The paper, released on October 30, focused on 18 campaign rallies held between June 20 and September 30, in cities that included Tulsa, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, and Phoenix, comparing the host cities to parts of the county that didn't feature Trump rallies. Three of the rallies that were studied were conducted indoors.



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But it’s just a hoax, so they’re not really sick. Frankly, if anyone attending one of these events dies, the family should be denied death benefits. And insurance definitely shouldn’t cover treatment for a non-existent disease.


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But it’s just a hoax, so they’re not really sick. Frankly, if anyone attending one of these events dies, the family should be denied death benefits. And insurance definitely shouldn’t cover treatment for a non-existent disease.

A classic case of "vote for me, and die, you suckers"; very reminiscent of the actions of the character of The Joker as played by Jack Nicholson in the original Batman movie.

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Living in the Bay Area I'm surprised this happened at all, but traveling about an hour south this past weekend to visit my parents I witnessed my first Trump rally (from a safe distance) with my own eyeballs in Hollister. It took place in a closed down Kmart parking lot and if it wasn't for all the large Trump and American flags you would be forgiven for thinking it was a monster truck car show.

Where I live the most I usually see of political activism is a group of people on a street corner with signs supporting a candidate or issue. It gets your attention, but with this rally, and it may just be the media projecting what we should think, it felt less like a celebration of Trump and more like giving a threatening middle finger to anybody going by that doesn't agree with them. A contributing factor to that was reving engines from Trump supporting trucks circling the gathering. Again, you would have been forgiven for thinking it was a car show. It was all about testosterone and posturing. And of course, no masks to be found.

Hollister has a population of about 40k, greatly exploded over the last decade because of the affordable housing crisis in the Bay Area. If you don't mind a minimum hour work commute then you could get a more affordable house. It's surrounded on all sides by agriculture land. With that in mind there are a couple key issues.

Illegal immigration, which I don't get at all from them because if there's one sector that's benefited greatly from illegal immigration, agriculture. But you know, white people. So whatever on that one.

Next issue would be the trade war with China which has heavily impacted agriculture. This is an issue that doesn't get covered almost at all in big liberal cities. I think Trump was right to challenge China on this. However, what he has done hasn't leveled the fairness playing field. Recently I heard something like 90% of the tarrifs have gone to bailing out the agriculture industry, and industry that is already hugely government subsidized. This is welfare that doesn't get lumped in (but it should) with demonized welfare. So on this issue I don't really blame people in agriculture for supporting Trump because it's FREE STUFF that nobody really is chastising...yet.

Recently I thought, although there would be a time period of pain, why not just hand all the keys over to the Republicans and let them dig their own grave. Eventually their lies about who or what is to blame would catch up with them as they impose their laws. Kick out all immigrants, defund the poor and safety nets, white wash history. Sooner than later the majority of right leaners would experience first hand that didn't make a damn bit of difference and in a lot of cases made things worse. Next thing you know there's a prison cruise ship packed with Republican politicians scheduled to port at the North Sentinel Island off the coast of India where every attempt to disembark has been met with a hail of spurs and arrows from the natives, a fitting end to white people who think non Americans are lesser to savages.
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