Lindsey Graham wants to leave town...

Thomas Veil

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6,798 know, like the Democrats left Texas.

...Graham said the move may be necessary to stop Senate Democrats from passing a $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package, which includes many long-standing Democratic priorities regarding social services, the environment and infrastructure.

Noting that the Senate requires a quorum — the minimum number of senators present to conduct business — Graham said he "would leave before I'd let that happen."

At least 51 senators must be present on the floor for the upper chamber to conduct business, according to the U.S. Constitution. Quorum is normally assumed unless a roll call vote or other motion finds that not enough senators are present.

He obviously doesn't see the difference between trying to stop a voting rights restriction bill, and simply trying to stop a spending bill he doesn't like.

Graham's departure from Washington alone would not be enough to suspend business in the evenly divided Senate. All GOP lawmakers would have to join Graham in the bid to stop a vote on the bill over a lack of quorum.

Good luck with that, Lindsey. Send us a postcard from Coosawhatchie.
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