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Happy 2022! We are now in a brand-new year and brand-new month, so time to start this new thread for January 2022.....

One photo per day is the limit, and must be the member's own work, but no limitations on gear used, subject matter (except must be Safe For Work, of course), and we'd like to see your best efforts! Images can be from one's archives or can be fresh out of the camera -- the shooter's choice. This is not a contest or competition, so no "winners" or "losers" here, in spite of that new gallery "Photo Contest" thingy displaying submitted images in order of "reaction" score. This is meant to be a fun project, not something competitive or a popularity contest.

Starting off with a shot that I got last night in the final moments of 2021, using my iPhone 12 Pro to capture an image off the TV screen showing the beautiful Waterford Crystal Ball surrounded in a hazy fog of whatever substance had just been fired into the air prior to the descent. I was disappointed this year that the show I was watching did not provide closeups of the ball during its actual descent while it was ticking off the last seconds of the old year and then the first of the new year, but the cheering of the crowd and the excitement was contagious as 2022 made its debut.....

Waterford Crystal Ball Waiting to Descend.jpeg
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