Restaurant charges fees for loud kids


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While not a restaurant, yesterday karma bit some poor parenting right in the ass.

Our former neighbors moved to Phoenix about 15 years ago and they came up to the new place yesterday. So we took them to Sedona in the SXS so we could go show them places you don't normally see.

One of those places is out Soldier's Pass in Sedona. I reserved my spot as only 12 OHV's are allowed out there on any given day. One of the attractions out there is the Seven Sacred Pools. People come out there to meditate and just enjoy the outdoors. While a limited number of OHV's are allowed, the "Pink" Jeep Tours can take people or they can walk the 2 miles from the TH.

When we got there I would estimate a couple dozen or so people including one family with a boy about 5. There were a couple of people trying to meditate up on the rocks and this kids was loud. But he was also playing right where people wanted to take pictures of the pools. His parents/grandparents were oblivious to people trying to get pics without their little f'er in them.

But karma is a bitch and the kid finally lost his balance and into one of the pools he went. When his parents fished him out, he was soaked. Since there were only 2 OHV's there and no Jeep Tours, this family had walked out there. Now they had to walk their wet kid back 2 miles and put him in their vehicle. We got our pics after that. :)
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