Warhammer Vermintide 2


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The Misty Mountains

My question to anyone familiar, is the game level sensitive for coop? In other words can you coop with another player whose characters are lower or higher than yours, without undue hardship?

It was free a couple days ago, now it’s $5.99 on Steam, not too bad. It was recommended because it was free, lol, and online coop. This 2018 title has been compared to Borderlands and Left For Dead. Anyone playing/played it?

I ran though the first mission last night solo. It can be setup as a private game so you’re 4 character party will have 3 bots who seem effective enough at recruit level of game play.

If I have a concern, it’s that the game in the first mission feels grindy already, you job is to progress through a setting, a castle or whatever, and battle hordes, and I mean hordes of mostly easily killed opponents. The game mechanics are such depending on which character you play, that you can be killing 3 at a time with the long reach of your melee swipes. Again, this is at the recruit level so although there large numbers of foes, they fall quickly and mostly easily, at this level, and there was no boss here. Thoughts?

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