Are the US democrats incompetent?


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Can someone explain why the democrats seem unable to do the things that are needed? What I am mostly seeing is tip toeing and hoping to meet their adversaries half way when the adversary keeps remarking the half way line.

I think in THAT specific case, it's just one of many things that will slip past Biden & Co, since there is already so much to clean up from the last administration ( no one should forget DeJoy is still around at USPS ), and situations that have arisen since then.

On top of that, Dems like Biden still cling to the belief that things have to run the way they always have. Norms & policies have to be followed like a gentlemen's agreement. While the likes of muscomitch and 45 supplicants count on such beliefs, because they've long since abandoned them in favor of 'win at all costs'.

Letting an assbag like Manchin grab all the power because it's his turn to have his ego stroked, demonstrates that the old 'follow the rules' at all costs mentality won't work, if your rival laughs at the rules & your "allies" stand to benefit.

I can understand Biden's & before him Obama's reluctance. Once you step thru that door to really "play" politics, it might be a step too far. "Nuclear" will know longer be a word thrown around to scare, it will become a regular part of any discussion.

I don't know there's a good solution for that.


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Pelosi is dumbing down Biden's deal. Manchin and Sinema have power beyond belief and they're using it to tank the best legislation since TND. This is the kind of legislation I always think "why can't we just do something serious, do it big and do it for real". This is reminding me of how we dropped the ball on healthcare. You think of how transformative something like having a simple, honest tax system that was fair and enforced would be easy, but it'll never happen. Or just installing a single-payer healthcare system. Simple, but just seemingly won't happen. This deal was pretty close to something along those lines though, a sort of paradigm shift. These two glory-seekers are pissing me off. I won't call Manchin a fake democrat, because it took a lot for him to vote the way he did on many things during Trump's term. But if he was just going to turn around and do this, then what was the point? Oh.... and he's from West Virginia? WTF dude. This was a real time to gobble up tons of money for your state and actually do that retraining thing people have harped on for a decade or more now.

They'll just neuter it. Oh well. Biden has still got a crap-ton done in 9 months. If he can pull this off without thinning his wish list down too much, it'll be pretty remarkable.

But yeah, democrats are incompetent.
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