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TLDR: There’s a very real chance Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders broke several laws and could possibly face serious political and legal jeopardy. It’s just accusations at this point, but it stinks to the highest. Just Blagojevich-level corruption.

Arkansas Governor and everyone’s favorite MAGA-administration Bullshitter Secretary Sarah “Huckster” Huckabee Sanders is facing intense scrutiny over a supposed lectern that taxpayers were initially on the hook for to the tune of just under $20,000.

They claim it was a specially made lectern from a specific brand, but that brand’s highest-cost lecterns are less than half of this expenditure. There’s also only been a pic of supposed lectern, and the company says the picture doesn’t appear to be one of theirs. And nobody has seen the actual lectern.

Additionally, beyond a 20k lectern being a dumb idea, there are emails and proof of vouchers being tampered with (illegal) to write a note on them that the charge will be reimbursed. The Arkansas state party ended up paying the bill, but that looked like a coverup after the fact.

Now here’s the really bad part. The cost of the lectern was just under a 20k, which I believe triggers some sort of approval or audit mechanism. The money was paid to a private small business owned by a former GOP and Political consultant. Sanders vacationed in Europe around the same time as this happened.

Additionally, this came to light from a FOIA request from a lawyer/blogger who was filing lawsuits for info, and Sanders called a special session where she tried (and I believe failed) to restrict certain things from being subject to FOIA.

There’s more to it, none of it good for Sanders, including republicans requested the audit and there are whistleblowers.

Sanders is playing the Trump card - acting ignorant and defiant. “I can’t show the lectern because it’s all you’ll talk about.” “Let’s focus on things that matter and not manufactured controversies”, etc. She hasn’t answered any questions though, not really. Just deflects. Apparently, white collar crime is ok as long as everything else isn’t perfect. White collar crime needs to be focused on absolutely last. Seriously, both the act and the attitude disgust me. Just because the state was reimbursed later doesn’t make breaking the law ok. Rob a bank before your paycheck hits and tell them your direct deposit will cover it, see how that works out for you.


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