So the White House goes Herd immunity.


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Watching March roll out real winter
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Trump has been advocating for herd mentality immunity for quite some time. He still doesn’t quite understand it.

Regardless... looks like seniors are starting to connect with the fact that 80% of the deaths from covid are in their own age group and so Trump's ongoing dismissal of covid doesn't make sense to them. Ran into this piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer on that matter.

tbh what prompted me to bother posting this piece was a comment by one of the people interviewed, because he said what I've felt since before the US even elected Donald Trump to be President of the USA (bolding is mine):

“Telling us not to be afraid of the coronavirus when so many people in the White House are coming down with it is ridiculous,” said Hill, an Army veteran and retired investment banker. “I’m embarrassed that my party nominated him and that America elected him. I wouldn’t even sit down to dinner with him at this point.”​
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