PC Fallout 4, A Sweet Post Apocalyptic Game


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The Misty Mountains
In my humble opinion, Fallout 4 is probably the best game I've ever played. Not the only good or great game, but I've been playing it off and on now for 6 years.

Outstanding story, you're locked away in a vault while armageddon happens on the surface, your son is stolen from you, your spouse is murdered. The main quest is spent looking him, while helping to lead and rebuild the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, now just known as the Commonwealth. Tremendous mod work is available for this game which fixes some of the basic issues with the story.

Forth Playthrough in 5 years, into the exciting part.
  • Finally find your son who was stolen as a baby.
  • Infiltrating the Institute.
  • Deciding which Factions you'll side with, who lives and dies.*
  • Deciding to be with the Institute, blow up the greatest treasure trove of tech info in the Commonwealth via a nuke in downtown Boston, or go with a mod that opens up new possibilities.
* For me, decisions were made a long time ago. It's like Groundhog Day. :D

Happy Couple Prior.jpg
Happy Couple Start of a Fateful Day

New SS Old Neighborhood.jpg
Sole Survivor fresh from the vault surveys the old trashed neighborhood.
What happened to my son?

Nuka World Recon.jpg
Nuka World Recon (Sole Survivor + Cait)

Nuka World Transit Center2.jpg
Cait and Sole Survivor (Valkyrie Suits) in Nuka World Transit Center

Gunners Plaza boom with Paladin3.jpg
BOOM! At Gunner's Plaza (mod action)
Sole Survivor and Paladin Danse in power armor

BOS Appears 2jpg.jpg
Brotherhood of Steel arrives in Commonwealth overhead in Prydwen.
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