WWDC 2022: What was Announced

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I used to do clean installs of any major MacOS and then got lazy when I hung onto a mid-2012 MBP "tank" for a long time. I'd just clone the machine onto a couple of drives for insurance and then run the upgrade. Once in awhile a re-up on some third party app would leave parts of its prior self hanging around and the occasional glance into library folders made me blanch even if I didn't suspect leftovers from updates and worse, uninstalls, were causing any problems I might have been experiencing on occasion. I told myself worst case there could be some wasted space but so what.

Still when I got my 2020 MBA I vowed to do clean installs, but then told myself well the installers are so much better now, just back up on TM and run the thing. Ugh. The install of Monterey ran like a charm but I didn't happen to like what Apple did to the Books app in that release. That app is embedded with the OS, i.e., not made to be compatible with various OS versions like say Keynote or Numbers... and the change in features and functionality of Books app really mattered to me, so back I decided to go. But reverting was a PITA because for some reason it made me go back to Catalina before I could get to Big Sur again.

I probably haven't learned anything though... it's likely that I'll eventually just back up and then upgrade the machine to Ventura! Well maybe this time I'll have sense to add an insurance clone first. Sadly enough, my solution to future problems with the Books app leans to just not buying any more ebooks from the Apple store, and using an external homebrew catalogue to manage metadata in all my ebooks regardless of platform. Talk about PITA.


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Just so I know ahead of time... does that mean migration assistant lets you pick and choose which 3rd party apps to not transfer? Or is it all 3rd party apps on your old Mac to not transfer? Thanks.

I have a 2 TB USB-C SSD on order I should be getting tomorrow and will use for migration. After that, I'll use it for one of my backup disks on my new Mac.
No, I don't think it lets you choose which apps to transfer. IIRC, it was all or none.
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